Introducing the Sunco Implement Guidance Hitch

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Sunco Marketing has been designing and manufacturing implement guidance products since the introduction of the Acura Trak 3 pt Guidance Hitch in 1987. Building on the foundation established by the Acura Trak, Sunco is proud to introduce the Implement Guidance Hitch designed for pull type implements.

Today's producers have embraced RTK technologies to deliver sub inch accurate steering of their tractors.  The problem with these technologies is that they DO NOT guarantee sub inch accuracy at the implement.

Many of today's farming practices demand sub inch accuracy at the implement, such as precision fertilizer placement, precision (strip) tillage, precision see placement, high draft implements, extreme terrain or soil conditions, and high value crops where any crop damage is not acceptable.  When used in conjuction with John Deere®'s Active Implement Guidance or Trimble®'s TrueTracker™ systems, the Sunco Implement Guidance Hitch will deliver sub inch accuracy to your implement.

Solves Problems other Implement Guidance Products Create

  • Efficiently steers the implement from the front of the implement, not the rear
  • Will not damage standing crops or disturb the soil like steerable coulters
  • Solves mounting issues common to toolbar mounted systems (bulk fill planters, implements with rear hitches)
  • Is able to steer in reverse and on headlands with implement raised minimizing headlands passes
  • Does not change the pull point of the implement maximizing GPS tractor guidance accuracy
  • 2pt. and drawbar versions are interchangeable
  • For optimal performance use in conjuction with Sunco Stabilizers
  • Compatible with John Deere® Active Implement Guidance
  • Compatible with Trimble® True Tracker™ Implement Steering System

Interface Kits available for:

John Deere 1770 and 1775 Planters

Case IH 1250 and 1255 planters

Case IH 950 and 5310 Nutri-Tillers

Kuhn Krause Gladiator® 1200 Strip Till Bars




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Implement Guidance Hitch



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